orthodontic assessments

Early Orthodontic Assessments Can Improve Future Smiles

At Wild About Smiles, a visit between young patients and Dr. Perry Francis will also include an extra bonus: early evaluation for potential orthodontic issues down the road. “I see my role as the dental primary care provider to be more or less the quarterback for the child’s oral health team,” Dr. Francis says. “I […]

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Why Every Child with Braces Should Also Have a Waterpik

Flossing teeth when you have braces can be a serious challenge, oftentimes resulting in poor compliance. Fortunately, the Waterpik is a great alternative to flossing for those with braces.   Braces are a lot of work for kids: awkward eating rituals, pain after tightening, and all the “stuff” that gets stuck in the brackets and […]

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Sensitive Children Often Require a Special Approach

A dental visit can be tougher on some people than others, particularly those who are sensitive, have special needs or have had a less than pleasant experience in the past. Wild About Smiles’ Dr. Perry Francis has spent decades working with children and parents and has a special affinity for sensitive patients, as well as […]

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first visit by first birthday

First Visit by First Birthday: Why the Milestone Matters

Dr. Perry Francis believes it is so important that babies have their first visit by their first birthday that he donates his services for this first appointment, free of charge. Yes, every infant who has a first visit within their first year receives a free visit. So today we’re diving into this topic — why is […]

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