Hawthorne Family Travels 4 Hours Round-Trip to See Dr. Francis

Carla Trujillo was born and raised in Hawthorne, and she says that visiting the dentist was not her favorite early memory.

“During my childhood I saw the local dentist, and my experiences were less than good,” she recalls. Now that she is a mom herself to a son named Hector, she says she did not want him to have the same kinds of memories. “I know how important oral health is to a person’s overall health, and I want Hector to know that too.”

So for the past four years, Hector and his mom have made the twice-a-year trek from Hawthorne to Wild About Smiles — about a four-hour drive, round-trip. She says it is well worth the travel time.

“My son has no fear of going to the dentist,” she says. “He has had some extensive work done, and even with those experiences, he goes to the dentist with no hesitation.”

She remembers that their first experience with Dr. Francis was one spent bonding over their families’ common hometown heritage.

“On our first visit to Wild About Smiles, we learned that Dr. Francis’ wife had once lived in Hawthorne,” she says. “He knew many of the families that I know. My son thought it was great that his dentist had connections to the same town he lives in now.”

Trujillo says the dentist’s friendly demeanor as well as the ease of taking care of appointments keeps her coming back.

“The office staff is wonderful,” she says. “If I have a scheduling problem, they are always very helpful in finding a solution. I have had to make payments above and beyond what Hector’s insurance pays, and they were fantastic about working out a payment plan that I could afford.”

As a daycare provider by profession, Trujillo says she has recommended many others to Dr. Francis — despite the distance.

“My only complaint about Wild About Smiles and Dr. Francis is that they don’t see adult patients — I could use a great dentist for myself,” she says.

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