Wild About the New Mural

Patients at the Sparks office of Wild About Smiles are in for a treat the next time they come for a visit. And no, it’s not a new no-cavity club prize (though they do have fun ones) or wi-fi in the waiting room (they already have that).

Instead, think jungle. Majestic elephants. Playful orangutans. And a relaxing tiger playing with his reflection in the water.  It’s an awe-inspiring creation that will surround you when you walk in, as the Wild About Smiles team commissioned a local artist, Maureen Rector, to create a custom mural that celebrates all things wild. You can see photos of her creation here, but it’s nothing like experiencing the real thing.

Rector is no stranger to Wild About Smiles, having created the design gracing the walls of the Fallon office about five years ago. “We hope you enjoy her whimsical approach to art as much as we do,” Dr. Francis says.

For the Sparks office, Dr. Francis gave her carte blanche on the design, asking only that it be something fun and playful (and, of course, WILD) for patients to enjoy.

“We knew we wanted something bright and airy,” Rector says. “And since it’s mostly parents waiting in the office for their children, we wanted to make sure it was something they would like as much as their kids would.”

Traveling through India

Rector did her research and then put together some ideas for Dr. Francis and the rest of the team to discuss.

“Going with wild animals was obvious, but we wanted to get creative in how we approached it,” she says. “Then I had the idea for a train car traveling through India, and everything came together.”

Rector was the perfect artist for the job, as she specializes in wall art — murals and faux finishes. But she’s also a master at painting animals. “I get a lot of joy out of painting wildlife, pet portraits and landscapes,” she says. “And I enjoy the challenge of getting to do something new all the time.”

“It’s a good thing she likes a challenge, because we asked her to complete the mural in the 10 days that the office was closed up for vacations earlier this year, so our patients wouldn’t be disturbed by the process,” Dr. Francis says. “Though she wasn’t able to quite make that impossible deadline, she came in when we were in Fallon, and on nights and weekends to accomplish the project.”

About the Artist

Rector has been painting for most of her life, but she took the leap to become a professional artist in 2002. “I got a lot of business through word of mouth, and I’ve been busy ever since,” she says.

If you’re interested in learning more about her, you can visit her website, artdrector.com,  give her a call at 775-741-9912 or email her at rectorart@aol.com.

Let the team at Wild About Smiles know your thoughts about the mural the next time you’re in. And if you need to schedule an appointment, please call (775) 331-9477.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Francis, click here.





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